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Bitcoin as a Safe Haven in Troubled Times

The developing global economic crisis, deepened by months of industry on hold on account of the global COVID-19 pandemic, brings fresh impetus to the discussion of wealth protection. Under immediate threat is the current global standard of national fiat money, with quantitative easing measures creating even more inflationary pressure on traditional monetary systems. As investors desperately seek to preserve the value of their wealth, and with traditional gold becoming scarce …
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Digital Gold: Bitcoin Poised as Newest Safe Haven Asset in 2020

A new report reveals that bitcoin is quickly accelerating to become the safe-haven asset of digital currency markets. Since the advent of bitcoin, following the massive economic crumble in 2008- cryptocurrencies have offered a viable solution to many of the issues the global financial world’s fiat falls prey to.  Or at least that’s what inventor Satoshi Nakamoto proposed. Many believe that Nakamoto endeavored to create a currency that wouldn’t be …
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