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Tesco Bank Refunds £2.5m In Stolen Funds To Its Customers

More and more details are becoming available related to the Tesco Bank hack a few days ago. With thousands of customers affected, it became apparent that this is not a run-of-the-mill cyber heist. Statistics indicate that over £2.5m has been returned to Tesco bank users, as the amount of stolen funds was far higher than originally anticipated. A Big Step Back For Tesco Bank And Customers Even though this bank …
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HashOcean Is Not Dead Yet By The Look of Things

For nearly a week now, everyone assumed HashOcean had disappeared all of a sudden. But the support team’s Facebook page seems to tell a different story. They claim a hacker collective by the name of “Prabl0Dynamic HK” hacked the site. The domain is still down, and the company has started refunding investments from June 26 onwards. What Is Going On At HashOcean? It’s hard to believe HashOcean was hacked, in …
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Coinbase Will Have To Refund Double-charged Customers

Even Bitcoin exchanges can make a mistake now and then, although people may have a hard time forgiving what Coinbase did not too long ago. Various users have been double-charged on their transactions, although the company has apologized for the mistake. Coinbase Double-charge Without Explanation A new topic surfaced on Reddit yesterday, explaining how Coinbase has apparently double-charged a few customers. One particular batch of transactions seems to be affected …
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