HashOcean Is Not Dead Yet By The Look of Things

For nearly a week now, everyone assumed HashOcean had disappeared all of a sudden. But the support team’s Facebook page seems to tell a different story. They claim a hacker collective by the name of “Prabl0Dynamic HK” hacked the site. The domain is still down, and the company has started refunding investments from June 26 onwards.

What Is Going On At HashOcean?

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It’s hard to believe HashOcean was hacked, in fairness. The cloud mining platform has never shown any proof of their mining capacities, yet somehow paid out users for over ten months. Blaming their disappearance on a hacking attempt is rather strange, but not entirely impossible either. Their Facebook page mentions how they have a database backup from June 25th, which is the day on which their site started slowing down.

The team is still working on restoring access to the website, although they have no ETA as to when this will happen. Several fake websites have popped in the meantime, all claiming to be the new HashOcean. One thing that may put some people’s mind at ease is how all investments should be safe as there are no reports of funds being stolen during this attack.

What is interesting is how several of their customers had started to ask for a refund. All investments made on May 26 may end up being lost, although the team is allegedly working on refunding customers for that day. However, there are a lot of new users who had not set up a withdrawal address yet, so they may need to get in touch with customer support.

This brings us to another issue, as getting in touch with HashOcean will be very difficult right now. Support tickets and phone calls are out of the question. Facebook Messenger may be the most reliable way to get in touch with the company, although it may take a while before one gets a reply.

All of this sounds very legitimate, but that does not make HashOcean less of a Ponzi Scheme all of a sudden. The company still controls all customers’ funds, and they can take a reprieve of days or weeks until access is restored. The big question is whether or not they will pay out users for the lost days of mining, and if so, where that money will come from.

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