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The Polybius Project got $20 Million by Crowdfunding in Just 2 Weeks

As the storm of cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuation continues to rage on, the Polybius ICO crowdfunding is going strong with over 17 thousand participants and has passed 2 critical milestones: two weeks out of five and $20 million in fundraising. With this capital, we can not only get a fully licensed bank in Europe, but also develop the digital passport technology for the people of the world. The next target …
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What is the Polybius Project?

There is a divide among¬†cryptocurrency users whether or not more regulation -whether government or institutional- is a good thing for the health of the cryptosphere. It is a contentious debate with strong and legitimate points on¬†both sides. One project which believes a bit more regulation may be a necessary for the market is called Polybius. A regulated bank for cryptos Polybius is a project hoping to introduce a regulated bank …
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