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Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Lending During COVID-19

The impact that COVID-19 is having across the world is terrifying for many, and not only is it affecting our health for those who contract it, it’s also having a wider affect on businesses and the economy. One area though that is still a viable way of making money is through peer-to-peer real estate lending. Even though all investment opportunities have their risks, real estate investments are backed by a …
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Chinese Government Wants Stricter Regulation of P2P Lending

Financial news coming from China is always a mixed bag of good and bad news these days.The local government wants to limit peer-to-peer lending, which will undoubtedly have an impact on Bitcoin as well. China Cracks Down on P2P Finance It is not the first time the People’s Bank of China wants to tighten regulation of the financial sector, particularly when Bitcoin and peer-to-peer lending is concerned. Although the bank …
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Bitcon P2P Lending Platform Loanbase Hacked

Loanbase, a Bitcoin P2P lending platform formerly known as BitLendingClub, has sent a security bulletin to all its customers informing them that a breach has taken place in the early morning hours on the 6th of February. According to the update, the total amount of funds stolen was 8 BTC. Security staff from Loan base estimate that the login details of four customer accounts were compromised. “We detected that the …
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