Nasdaq May Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency Exchange If Regulation Allows for It

Nasdaq has kept a very close eye on recent developments in the world of cryptocurrency. It seems the company is…

4 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Drops Another $100

Bitcoin has dropped to $8,800. This is a $100 drop from yesterday’s $8,900, which in turn was a fall from…

4 years ago

Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Futures Contracts Will Source Price Information From Over 50 Exchanges

Futures contracts have always been quite appealing to speculators and market makers. This is especially true in the world of…

4 years ago

NASDAQ Is Hiring A Blockchain Developer For Their Linq Project

Blockchain aficionado will remember how NASDAQ has taken a keen interest in distributed technology in recent times, and they are…

6 years ago

Nasdaq To Launch New Tallinn Stock Exchange Proxy Voting Blockchain Project

Blockchain technology is filling more and more use case needs all over the world these days. Up until a few…

6 years ago

NASDAQ announces their first share sale using the blockchain technology

During the last couple of months, financial institutions have shown a growing interest for bitcoin and the blockchain. NASDAQ now…

6 years ago

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