NASDAQ Is Hiring A Blockchain Developer For Their Linq Project

Blockchain aficionado will remember how NASDAQ has taken a keen interest in distributed technology in recent times, and they are developing several project right now. One of their projects is called Linq, and a recent job posting on Coinality goes to show the company is looking for an additional blockchain architect.

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The NASDAQ Linq Job Opportunity

TheMerkle_Nasdaq Linq Coinality

The blockchain industry will create a lot of new jobs in the coming years, and some companies have started exploring the possibilities sooner than others. NASDAQ belongs on this list, as their Linq platform should be coming to fruition in the coming months. But by the look of things, an additional team member is needed.

Coinality has a job opening posted by NASDAQ, which mentions how they are looking for a software architect to work out of their offices in New York. Projects on this Bitcoin job board are not listed unless they are related to either Bitcoin or blockchain technology, even though they may not always mention this specifically.

Landing a job at NASDAQ requires a particular set of skills, however, as the developer will need to have several years of experience in the field. Web client engineer and full stack software engineering are both a must, and more years of experience will give applicants a slight competitive edge over others.

Moreover, there is no denying this job listing has to do with one of their blockchain-based projects, as they are looking for applicants who are excited about distributed ledger technology. Additionally, the listing makes a mention of how there is an opportunity to join the Nasdaq Linq development team, which focuses on merging distributed ledgers with managing unlisted securities.

No mention is made as to how much this job will pay, but we do know it is a full-time position. NASDAQ is an important player in the financial industry, and managing to land a job with such a company will not only be beneficial to the future employee but also validates the blockchain as a powerful technology endorsed by established financial players.

Source: Coinality

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