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Liquid Refunds Investors Buying Telegram’s Gram Token

The Gram sale orchestrated by Telegram also affects the cryptocurrency industry. For Liquid, a popular exchange, it caused them quite a bit of financial problems.¬† Unlike other trading platforms, Japan’s Liquid decided to let investors get exposed to Telegram’s Gram token. Liquid Makes the Right Decision That was a risky decision, as this token hasn’t been issued. Nor will it be in the near future either. Unfortunately for Liquid, this …
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What Is QASH?

Even though interest in cryptocurrency has never been higher than it is today, the markets are still rather illiquid at times. Especially when compared to traditional financial markets, there is plenty of room for improvement. This is where QASH comes into the picture, as it’s the native currency of the LIQUID project. So far, this project has attracted a lot of positive attention, even though it remains to be seen …
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The Deceptive Nature of Market Capitalization

Market capitalization, for new and old investors alike, represents a deceptively complex figure. While many suggest that market cap is the proper way to determine the overall value of a coin, the¬†value displayed by a coin’s market cap is a number that can and is easily manipulated by savvy and often unethical development teams. When inexperienced investors mistakenly base valuations off of a coin’s price per unit, most investors will …
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