What Is QASH?

Even though interest in cryptocurrency has never been higher than it is today, the markets are still rather illiquid at times. Especially when compared to traditional financial markets, there is plenty of room for improvement. This is where QASH comes into the picture, as it’s the native currency of the LIQUID project. So far, this project has attracted a lot of positive attention, even though it remains to be seen how the rest of the world will respond.

What is the Purpose of QASH?

Bringing more liquidity to the cryptocurrency economy will not be an easy feat by any means. Even though QUOINE is a respected exchange, they know all too well how the absence of trading volume can quickly become a big problem. The native asset of the LIQUID platform is meant to help spread available liquidity resources in the future. Right now, those resources are sealed, which creates liquidity problems more often than not. Emerging markets are underserved in this regard, and utilizing larger liquidity pools is not an ideal course of action.

How Does LIQUID Work?

It is evident there needs to be some form of matching engine to connect siloed liquidity reserves. That is much easier said than done, but the QUOINE team is confident their World Book globally-sourced trading platform will make a big impact in this regard. It also boasts a suite of native services known as Prime Brokerage. Bringing together a global network of cryptocurrency exchanges to enable the highest level of market liquidity is the name of the game.

Under the hood, the LIQUID platform is a financial utility which will be of great value to the cryptocurrency economy. Token issuers, holders, and innovators will all come together under a global umbrella to create additional liquidity in this market, though it won’t happen overnight. With regulatory approval secured as well as exchange and banking relationships under their belt, this platform can certainly become a big player in the financial sector.

All of this sounds great on paper, but it does not explain the need for QASH. The QASH token will allegedly rival Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future, as it is expected that QASH will be adopted by financial institutions and fintech startups as a method of payment. This sounds rather ambitious, but there’s no reason to think something like this cannot happen. The currency can be traded on all major exchanges, and QASH is already an accepted form of payment on QUOINE services.

The Future of QASH and LIQUID

As one would expect, there is a lot of progress to be made in the coming years. LIQUID’s future roadmap includes the launch of the QUOINE LIQUID Direct Market Access Beta later this quarter. In Q2, the platform will launch officially, which will also introduce new use cases for QASH. Speaking of which, the QASH blockchain will go live in Q2 of 2019, and LIQUID will obtain a banking license in Q3 of 2019 – that is, assuming these plans do not hit a roadblock in the meantime.