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Monero-Only Darknet Marketplace Libertas Introduces Auto Withdraw Option

Not too long ago, we discussed the Libertas darknet marketplace. This particular platform is of great significance, mainly because it doesn’t accept Bitcoin but rather focuses entirely on Monero.¬†Several new updates have been made to the platform over the past week, all of which are well worth paying attention to. It is evident the world of darknet marketplaces will continue to evolve over the next few years. Libertas Updates are …
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New Darknet Marketplace Libertas Uses Monero Exclusively

When it comes to cryptocurrencies which provide fungibility, privacy, and anonymity, there are very few options at one’s disposal today. Monero is by far the market leader in this regard. In fact, a new darknet marketplace known as Libertas will accept payment by Monero only. It’s a major development in the DNM scene, where¬†the use of Bitcoin is dwindling. Libertas Makes a Brave Decision In the world of darknet marketplaces, …
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Silk Road Admin Libertas To Fight US Extradition

The story of Gary Davis, a former moderator of the Silk Road platform, is far from over. While government officials want to hold him accountable for helping to run Silk Road, the High Court ruled to have him extradited to the US. But Davis is not planning to let that slide, and will appeal this decision in the coming days. Gary Davis Does Not Want To Stand Trial in The …
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