Silk Road Admin Libertas To Fight US Extradition

The story of Gary Davis, a former moderator of the Silk Road platform, is far from over. While government officials want to hold him accountable for helping to run Silk Road, the High Court ruled to have him extradited to the US. But Davis is not planning to let that slide, and will appeal this decision in the coming days.

Gary Davis Does Not Want To Stand Trial in The US

With all of the charges hanging over the head of Davis, it is only normal he would much rather stand trial in Ireland instead of the US. Conspiracy to distribute narcotics carries a life sentence in the United States, while things are very different under EU jurisdiction. But there is more, as Davis also faces charges of conspiracy to commit computer hacking and money laundering,

His extradition to the United States comes as quite a surprise, although it is apparent the government wants to make an example out of him. The prison where he will serve his sentence – regardless of how long – is called the Guantanamo Bay of New York. Not exactly a place to create happy campers by any means.

“The prospect of being torn from my support network here in Ireland, which is essential for my mental well being, flown halfway across the world, and being dumped into an American Gulag to rot while facing outrageous charges is gut-wrenching in the extreme.”

One of the main reasons why Davis does not want to be extradited is due to his Asperger’s syndrome. He strongly feels he would not receive the necessary care while awaiting trial in the US. Interestingly enough, this condition had never been diagnosed until after his arrest.

Davis is not too amused by this whole ordeal, and will be appealing the decision next week. It remains to be seen if the judge overturns this decision, though, as anyone related to Silk Road should not expect leniency. At the same time, there are a lot of questions being asked about how the evidence to uncover Davis’ real identity have been procured.

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