Monero-Only Darknet Marketplace Libertas Introduces Auto Withdraw Option

Not too long ago, we discussed the Libertas darknet marketplace. This particular platform is of great significance, mainly because it doesn’t accept Bitcoin but rather focuses entirely on Monero. Several new updates have been made to the platform over the past week, all of which are well worth paying attention to. It is evident the world of darknet marketplaces will continue to evolve over the next few years.

Libertas Updates are Pretty Interesting

While darknet marketplaces have often been associated with illegal activity, they still represent a business model which requires constant adjustment. In the case of the Libertas marketplace, all of its updates are pretty significant, mainly because it is the only DNM to date focusing solely on Monero. That in itself has put it on the radar of a lot of people, even though there is still plenty of functionality to be added in the months to come.

So far this week, we have seen the Libertas team announce a few new features to their platform. The biggest change is that users of this darknet marketplace can now access an automatic withdrawal option. This feature is visible in the Balance area of one’s dashboard. Having such a feature is quite interesting, as no other darknet marketplace provides one as of right now. It is unclear if that will change, but for now, it makes Libertas a rather unique marketplace, to say the least.

In contrast to most darknet marketplaces, Libertas seemingly doesn’t like to hold onto user funds for too long. An auto withdraw option means users should be able to withdraw their balances on the spot without any delay whatsoever. It is a bit unclear if this means Libertas keeps some user funds in a hot wallet to process these withdrawals or if they effectively eliminate their role as a middleman altogether. Either way, it is a worthwhile addition to this darknet marketplace.

Moreover, it seems users have been providing some valuable pointers on how to fund one’s account with Monero these days. The use of ShapeShift and Changelly seems rather straightforward, as both services are rather popular among cryptocurrency users these days. However, one user has commented that Walletmonero seems to work well also. Although we advise users to conduct their own research before trusting this service, it is worth mentioning in this regard.

Truth be told, the first Monero-only darknet marketplace has plenty of potential. While a lot of features still have yet to be developed, the automatic withdrawal option is pretty significant in its own right. It is unclear what the Libertas developers have in the pipeline as we speak, but the recent updates elevate the platform to a whole new level. Moreover, it seems the time is now for Libertas to become one of the new top darknet marketplaces. Whether or not that can happen without Bitcoin integration remains to be determined, however.

It is rather refreshing to see the Libertas developers publicly comment on the development of their new DNM and keep users informed on their progress. A lot of things are changing in the world of darknet markets, as anonymity has become more important than ever. Whether or not Monero is the right solution in that regard has yet to be determined. However, things are looking pretty solid for Libertas so far.