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Confirmed: Leaked Images of the Google Pixel

Since the Galaxy Note 7 and the new iPhone have been officially announced, the Google Pixel has been the most anticipated phone to date. Thanks to a joining of forces with Steve Hemmerstoffer, known on Twitter as @OnLeaks, and Android Authority, there have been some leaks of what is to come. Hemmerstoffer compares the outer shell of the Pixel to the still unreleased Sailfish; also by Google. Sailfish is a …
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Hacked BitcoinTalk User Data Finally Surfaces On Dark Net

Just a few days ago, the data stolen from the BitcoinTalk.org hack in 2015 was posted for sale on dark net. A hacker going by DoubleFlag, is selling BitcoinTalk.org’s database. The same hacker is said to be responsible for the 68 million emails and hashed passwords from Dropbox that went for sale on dark net not too long ago. BitcoinTalk.org was originally hacked in May of 2015, but the data …
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