Hacked BitcoinTalk User Data Finally Surfaces On Dark Net

Just a few days ago, the data stolen from the BitcoinTalk.org hack in 2015 was posted for sale on dark net. A hacker going by DoubleFlag, is selling BitcoinTalk.org’s database. The same hacker is said to be responsible for the 68 million emails and hashed passwords from Dropbox that went for sale on dark net not too long ago.

BitcoinTalk.org was originally hacked in May of 2015, but the data wasn’t posted until a few days ago. DoubleFlag seems to have been the first one able to get his hands on it, and no one after him for that matter. The stolen data was only accessible by using data breach notification sites like Hacked-DB and LeakedSource.

The data base is going for 1 Btc, roughly $610.00. The file contains over 500,000 accounts, complete with details like log in info, IP addresses, passwords, email, and phone numbers. To break it down, there are 469,540 passwords that have been encrypted with SHA-256, and 44,868 passwords encrypted wit SMF encryption.

Sample data was on display, showing off more than 600 accounts, just to validate DoubleFlag’s claims.

Even though the passwords are encrypted, it doesn’t take much to decrypt them in reasonable time, and have access to the accounts that have been leaked. Warnings have been issued to clients and customers, stating the data has been sold, and to make sure to keep a close eye on any and all accounts connected with BitcoinTalk.org.

This isn’t the first case of a database being stolen and leaked online, and it won’t certainly be the last. Earlier in the year, 427 million Myspace accounts were on the very dark net site these ones are being sold on. In May, 117 million LinkedIn accounts went for sale on other dark net markets, as well as 33 million Twitter accounts.

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