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Faketoken Android Malware Can Steal Victims’ Calls, Texts, and Credit Cards

By now, Android users know that they should avoid installing apps from third-party websites and unsolicited download prompts. Those who do not take security seriously end up having to deal with malware that can potentially cost them thousands of dollars. Faketoken, a one-year-old malware strain, recently evolved into a serious security threat, according to Kaspersky Labs. Faketoken Is No Joke Faketoken, according to various reports, used to cause low-level infections. It has recently …
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Kaspersky Labs’ RakhniDecryptor Can Now Decrypt Jaff Ransomware Free of Charge

Over the past few weeks, we have paid some attention to the Jaxx ransomware strain. It turns out this is not much of a threat anymore, thanks to a new decryptor tool being released by Kaspersky Labs. This is excellent news for anyone who is currently dealing with a Jaff ransomware infection. It is also interesting this decryptor was released without the malware developers releasing the master decryption key. Jaff …
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Kaspersky Labs CEO: “We Live In The Dark Ages of Internet Security”

It is never a positive sign when one of the world’s leading security firms mentions how the world is currently in the “Dark Ages” of computer security. That particular statement was made by Kaspersky Labs CEO Eugene Kaspersky during the NCSC One conference in The Hague. Enterprises and consumers need to step up their protection sooner rather than later, as the number of security threats keeps increasing. Also read: Magnr …
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