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IDEX Unveils a Demo Version of Optimistic Rollups

Cryptocurrency trading platforms need to keep growing and evolving to remain competitive. The IDEX team has opened a public beta of its new platform, which introduces some big changes.  IDEX Is one of the most popular decentralized exchange platforms in the world today. Prominent Changes for IDEX Users Even so, there is no reason not to innovate further and bring pressure to potential competitors. For IDEX 2.0, there are some …
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The Top 5 Decentralized Crypto Exchanges to Watch out for in 2018

DEXs are quickly gaining popularity over centralized exchanges because they let regular investors leverage faster trades. As Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has stated, the focus of DEXs is “NOT satisfying the needs of ‘whales’ and professional traders. Rather, it is in user convenience for regular people.” If DEXs become more user-friendly and offer the advanced trading features common on centralized exchanges, their popularity is likely to surge. A Quick Note on …
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Aurora Labs Releases IDEX on the Ethereum Mainnet

November 28, 2017 – Aurora Labs has announced the launch of IDEX, a new high-performance decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum tokens. IDEX provides traders with both smart contract security and a real-time trading experience, eliminating the usability issues currently associated with Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges. With IDEX, traders can trade back and forth instantly, place multiple orders at once, and cancel orders without gas costs. Regarding its recent launch, CEO Alex …
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