IDEX Unveils a Demo Version of Optimistic Rollups

Cryptocurrency trading platforms need to keep growing and evolving to remain competitive. The IDEX team has opened a public beta of its new platform, which introduces some big changes. 

IDEX Is one of the most popular decentralized exchange platforms in the world today.

Prominent Changes for IDEX Users

Even so, there is no reason not to innovate further and bring pressure to potential competitors.

For IDEX 2.0, there are some interesting features users can take advantage of.

The optimistic rollups will introduce a massive increase in off-chain transactions.

In fact, it theoretically becomes possible to achieve unlimited off-chain scaling without increasing the on-chain settlement costs. 

During the demo of the new platform, the team will get a better idea as to how viable this approach is and whether more tweaks will be needed. 

There will also be some changes to the staking of IDEX tokens, primarily due to the introduction of optimistic rollups. 

In regulatory news – which is unavoidable in the cryptocurrency industry – it appears that New York-based traders are still not welcome.

That change has gone into effect several weeks ago and will not change for the foreseeable future. 

By actively letting users play around with the new features in a demo environment, clients will get  a good idea of what’s in store for them when using IDEX.

If this dApp is to remain as popular as it is today, changes like these will be crucial.