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The Future of the Healthcare Economy

The United States spends more on healthcare than any other nation, yet hospitals are struggling. Today, 1 in 5 hospitals are likely to close due to finances, but hospitals could safely reduce supply expenses by nearly 18 percent without seeing a negative impact on quality of care. With the $11 million in annual savings hospitals would receive from this, 2 outpatient surgery centers could be built, and the salaries of …
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Price of ICON Explodes Past $3.30

In the global downtrend that has extended for a majority of 2018, ICON (ICX) is among the coins that have taken the biggest hit, seeing a loss in value of more than 80% from January highs to recent lows. In the past week, however, ICX has more than doubled, and in the past day alone, has seen a price increase of over 40%. In the eyes of many speculators and …
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Criminals Target Hospitals Through New Locky Ransomware Campaign

A new wave of ransomware attacks against hospital has begun. Internet criminals are distributing Locky ransomware on a vast scale, mostly in the form of phishing campaigns directed at the healthcare sector. The method of distribution is a macro-enabled Office 2007 Word document containing the malicious payload. Locky Is Making The Rounds Yet Again A report published by FireEye earlier this week goes to show the majority of targeted hospitals …
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