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Cloud Mining Provider HashFlare is Offering Discounts on Bitcoin and Script Contracts

Cloud mining contracts are an easy way to earn Cryptocurrency through mining, as they don’t involve setting up hardware on your own. They do it by delegating the duty to a third party that mines for you and charges a small fee. Considering the risks and hassle associated with setting up one’s own mining facilities, it is a good idea and may end up being profitable, as we approach the …
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Profitability of Cloud Mining After Ethereum Price Drop

With the very volatile Ethereum price right now, cloud mining contracts for this digital currency are a decision that needs to be weighed very carefully.  It will be all the more difficult to make an ROI right now, but the comparison over at CryptoCompare gives quite an interesting overview that is well worth taking into account. Also read: Ethereum Technical Analysis for 04/13/2016 – Major Battle Zone at 0.0215 Falling …
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Mining Ethereum: Windows Vs. Cloud Mining

With all of the focus on Ethereum in recent times, a lot of people are starting to wonder how they can start mining this popular digital currency. There are certain aspects of mining Ethereum that are not as straightforward on the Windows operating system compared to Linux or Mac OS X. That being said, there are different ways to go about things, by either setting up mining software on one’s …
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