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Global Market Stagnant Despite Bitcoin Gains

While it is widely agreed that past trends cannot predict future markets, today’s cryptocurrency market movements suggest a similar trend to what has been observed multiple times throughout 2017. Today, we see money flowing away from altcoins, back to Bitcoin, as sentiments towards the grandfather coin continue to turn bullish. Bitcoin (BTC) has climbed close to 6% in the past 24 hours, growing from a price of roughly US$11,200 to its …
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Bangladesh Central Bank Hack May Be Linked To Other Attacks Around The World

In February, Bangladesh Central Bank lost $81 million to hackers, three months after the attack, authorities have uncovered three more incidents that may be linked together, SWIFT CEO reveals plans to strengthen the security of its operations. The first uncovered case was actually the last attack carried out by the hackers, in February, a group of cybercriminals used stolen credentials from employees of Bangladesh’s Central Bank to validate over thirty wire …
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Iran Squabble Over Fiat Currency Makes Bitcoin Look Stronger

Making sense of the financial ecosystem in this day and age is all but impossible. There are so many under the table deals and agreements, as well as other political plays going on at nay given time. To make matters even more confusing, Iran is looking to export oil again but refuses to accept payments in US Dollar. Instead, they demand to be paid in Euro, which could be seen …
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