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New Survey Shows Trust In The Bitcoin Foundation Has Reached New Lows

Surveys revolving around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can often provide some interesting insights. A questionnaire sent out by the Bitcoin Foundation earlier this year contains some interesting results, which are well beyond the traditional information one sees in these surveys. As it turns out, the difference between technical and non-technical interests is not all that large. What Is The Point of The Bitcoin Foundation Right Now? Despite being around for seven …
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Ethereum Price Crash Leaves it’s Valuation Under The $10 Mark

Despite the recent DAO hack, soft and hard fork debate Ethereum has managed to stay stable above the 11$ mark, which is higher than it was before the creation of the failed Decentralized Autonomous Organization. One of the proposed solutions regarding the future management of the stolen funds is the Soft-Fork, which was implemented in the Ethereum core software, only to be replaced by a newer version that undoes the …
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