New Survey Shows Trust In The Bitcoin Foundation Has Reached New Lows

Surveys revolving around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can often provide some interesting insights. A questionnaire sent out by the Bitcoin Foundation earlier this year contains some interesting results, which are well beyond the traditional information one sees in these surveys. As it turns out, the difference between technical and non-technical interests is not all that large.

What Is The Point of The Bitcoin Foundation Right Now?

Despite being around for seven full years, people still regard the Bitcoin in a very narrow-minded manner. Although the concept of cryptocurrency is very technical in nature, not everyone looks at it from a developer point of view. Although there is a large number of community members who like the technical aspect of things, the majority – 60% – sees it as a non-technical concept.

Throughout the years Bitcoin has also become a medium of exchange among professionals and workers. This also means that Bitcoin plays a big role in the daily work lives of a lot of people. While the majority of companies does not work with Bitcoin just yet, almost one in five enterprises uses cryptocurrency for its products or services.

As one would come to expect from a survey conducted by the Bitcoin Foundation, there are some interesting results regarding that structure as well. More than one in three respondents indicated that they have no interest in volunteering their time to the Foundation. This is not entirely surprising, considering the track record of that organization.

On the funding front, a lot of people are not interested or only somewhat interested in funding the Bitcoin Foundation and its projects. However, if the group would present a proper quarterly plan, they may be able to sway some minds. The bigger question is whether or not we need the Bitcoin Foundation in a monetary concept, as it is currently run.

Regarding the activities organized by the Bitcoin Foundation, a lot of people see a dire need for more action in the European Union and Asia. Developing countries, including South America and Africa, are also in the top five. The Middle East scores the worst, which is rather strange. All in all it’s an interesting survey, although it does not make the Bitcoin Foundation look all that good.

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