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Banano Ranks High up in the [email protected] Coronavirus Vaccine Search

Not too long ago, it became apparent that the [email protected] project would dedicate its computing power to a potential novel coronavirus cure. Interestingly enough, the Banano team seems to be doing quite well in this regard.  Most people are familiar with the [email protected] project. Banano Helps With [email protected] It is designed to let consumers and companies contribute their computing power to finding cures for diseases. Under the current pandemic-oriented circumstances, …
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Contribute to [email protected] and Find a Cure for the Novel Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus outbreak presents major challenges for scientists and researchers. Finding a cure is very difficult, yet everyone with a working computer can contribute to the cause. Most people have heard of the [email protected] project. [email protected] to Fight the Novel Coronavirus For many years, it was dedicated to cancer research, as well as the treatment of other diseases. Recently, that situation ground to a halt. It isn’t the end …
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FoldingCoin Rewards [email protected] Contributors Through Bitcoin Blockchain

There are many cryptocurrency-based efforts which seem to fly under the radar most of the time. FoldingCoin is one of those examples, as this Counterparty project is a cause well worth looking into. As the name suggests, this project will help battle diseases by contributing computational power to the [email protected] network. FoldingCoin Is A Good Cause Research into curing diseases such as Alzheimer and cancer is very underrated. Most people think …
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