Banano Ranks High up in the [email protected] Coronavirus Vaccine Search

Not too long ago, it became apparent that the [email protected] project would dedicate its computing power to a potential novel coronavirus cure. Interestingly enough, the Banano team seems to be doing quite well in this regard. 

Most people are familiar with the [email protected] project.

Banano Helps With [email protected]

It is designed to let consumers and companies contribute their computing power to finding cures for diseases.

Under the current pandemic-oriented circumstances, finding a cure to the novel coronavirus becomes a pressing matter.

Several ‘teams” are competing to make this venture a success.

In terms of cryptocurrency-related efforts, it appears that is making quite the impact.

The Banano team is currently ranked within the top 15, well ahead of Team AnandTech, Tom’s Hardware, Tekzilla, and many others.

It is good to see a cryptocurrency project being represented in this list. 

After all, there is ample mining power associated with the cryptocurrency industry.

Putting some of that to good use is crucial, especially when the entire world is affected by a deadly virus.

Now is not the time to mine cryptocurrencies for sheer profit.

Instead, one can easily contribute some mining power to a project that really matters. 

Whether other crypto enthusiasts will begin paying attention to this option, remains to be seen.