Contribute to Folding@Home and Find a Cure for the Novel Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus outbreak presents major challenges for scientists and researchers. Finding a cure is very difficult, yet everyone with a working computer can contribute to the cause.

Most people have heard of the Folding@Home project.

Folding@Home to Fight the Novel Coronavirus

For many years, it was dedicated to cancer research, as well as the treatment of other diseases.

Recently, that situation ground to a halt.

It isn’t the end of the Folding@Home project, however.

In recent weeks, the concept has been repurposed to find a cure for the novel coronavirus.

Nvidia is now trying to get gamers all over the world to contribute to this particular form of research.

Every computer can effectively make a difference.

Users running Folding@Home shorten the time until a cure of vaccine for the novel coronavirus is found.

It is evident that efforts like these are direly needed.

Making a meaningful impact without much effort is an option no one should pass up on whatsoever.

Even cryptocurrency miners can contribute to this particular project.

Rather than mining worthless coins, dedicating some GPU cycles to scientific research is crucial.

It is also a viable alternative to those who can’t or don’t want to donate financially in any way.

During a global pandemic, everyone has to play their part in one way or another.