FoldingCoin Rewards Folding@Home Contributors Through Bitcoin Blockchain

There are many cryptocurrency-based efforts which seem to fly under the radar most of the time. FoldingCoin is one of those examples, as this Counterparty project is a cause well worth looking into. As the name suggests, this project will help battle diseases by contributing computational power to the Folding@Home network.

FoldingCoin Is A Good Cause

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Research into curing diseases such as Alzheimer and cancer is very underrated. Most people think this can only be done in a scientific environment, but there is a way everybody in the world can contribute. By dedicating some computer resources to the Folding@Home project, cures and solutions can be found that much faster.

What is even more impressive – although only secondary in order of importance – is how users will be rewarded for these efforts. Not just because they can feel good about themselves, but they will be rewarded in the form of FoldingCoin. This is a token rewarding volunteers for contributing to the Folding@Home initiative.

FoldingCoin rewards are distributed on a monthly basis, and will depend on the individual contributions. This token can be transferred from person to person using the Bitcoin blockchain and the Counterparty protocol. One FLDC is worth US$0.000208 at the time of writing, as this should not be seen as a way to get rich quick.

“Volunteers will now be paid in FLDC for their work to help further the mission of FoldingCoin. Of the 1 billion FLDC in existence, 100 million of those are assigned to be distributed to those that assist the FoldingCoin team with tasks such as Social Media, Forum Administration, ext. For jobs we are currently looking to fill please visit or send an email to [email protected] with your interest in helping the team. Even if you wish to contribute something else not on that list we would be more than open to hear what you can bring to the team.”

It is interesting to note there is a bigger demand for the FoldingCoin initiative than most people are aware of. The team will be expanding its size and scope, and the project will undergo several improvements over the coming months. Every computer resource contribution matters to the Folding@Home project, and being able to get a small financial reward out of it is an excellent way to raise more awareness.

Source: Counterparty

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