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StepChain: The App Of The Future

In today’s world, routine and lack of physical activity are making people unhealthy. With more than 30% of adults being overweight and one-third of children being obese due to lack of motivation, a need for an app capable of keeping people motivated is more than necessary.  StepChain is a revolutionary and responsible fitness app that offers rewards in exchange for your steps count. Based on the data extracted from the …
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FitCoin Project Still Has No Launch Date

Some people might remember the FitCoin project that was announced recently. Similar to what Bitcoin offers to miners, FitCoin wants to do the same for those who are looking to get in shape and stay healthy. Getting rewarded for physical activity sounds great on paper, but it is still doubtful this concept will translate well into the real life. Also read: Coinify partners up with iSignthis for instant bitcoin purchases …
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