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Price of ICON Explodes Past $3.30

In the global downtrend that has extended for a majority of 2018, ICON (ICX) is among the coins that have taken the biggest hit, seeing a loss in value of more than 80% from January highs to recent lows. In the past week, however, ICX has more than doubled, and in the past day alone, has seen a price increase of over 40%. In the eyes of many speculators and …
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Top 4 Types of Electronic Devices Prone to Exploding

Even though our society is relying on electronics now more than ever, there are still some dangers associated with these devices. Not just on the security front, but various devices have effectively exploded in the users’ hands in recent years. It is very concerning to think about electronics that can explode at any given moment, that much is certain. Below are some of the more commonly used electronics at risk …
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