Top 4 Types of Electronic Devices Prone to Exploding

Even though our society is relying on electronics now more than ever, there are still some dangers associated with these devices. Not just on the security front, but various devices have effectively exploded in the users’ hands in recent years. It is very concerning to think about electronics that can explode at any given moment, that much is certain. Below are some of the more commonly used electronics at risk of exploding sooner or later.

4. Hoverboards

Depending on whom you pose the question to, hoverboards are either the best or worst electronic gadget ever to be created. Various countries have outlawed these devices because they pose a real risk to our society. A lot of people suffered accidents from using hoverboards as well, which is anything but a positive trend for these devices.

That being said, most people are wary of hoverboards because several types have exploded or caught fire while charging. All of these incidents can be blamed on the batteries found within these gadgets, as these are prone to overheating. Once that happens, it will affect the other electronic components within the hoverboard, ultimately leading to fire and potential explosions.

3. Laptops

Although exploding laptops have become far less common than before, there is still a risk associated with older models or devices exposed to higher temperatures. Most laptop batteries have around a dozen cells, all of which can become prone to overheating. It is not uncommon to have battery cells overheat now and then, but if it continues to happen over and over, an exploding laptop is the most common consequence. Always store your laptop in a place where the battery cells won’t get cooked.

2. E-Cigarettes

As is the case with nearly any type of new technology, the first generation of gadgets will have some faults that need to be addressed. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, have become all the rage these past few months. It is advertised as a healthy replacement for cigarettes, even though it does little to deter people from smoking altogether. Moreover, the wide range of flavors has attracted both smokers and non-smokers alike

Unfortunately, it is also possible for electronic cigarettes to explode while being used. The number of reports related to e-cigarettes catching fire or exploding is overwhelming, it is evident that something needs to be done about it sooner rather than later. The vast majority of exploding e-cigarettes can be blamed on something going amiss with the charging procedure. Any device with a battery is prone to exploding, and e-cigarettes are no different in this regard.

1. Smartphones

The year 2016 has been a bit of a PR nightmare for Samsung. Their entire line of Galaxy Note 7 devices had to be recalled due to a mounting number of explosion reports. As one would expect, these issues were all caused due to an error with the built-in battery. After attempting to replace the devices at first, Samsung decided to recall the entire line and no longer sell the Galaxy Note 7. In the end, this was the right decision, by the look of things.

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