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Turkey To Remove Evolution from Biology Textbooks

The Turkish Education Ministry has decided to remove evolution from biology textbooks and the curriculum of 9th graders. This backwards move has been received very poorly by many, and it is an example of a world that seems increasingly hostile to science and facts. If You Disagree With a Fact, Discredit It as Opinion The Head of the Ministry’s curriculum board, Alpaslan Durmuş, announced last Wednesday that Evolution will be …
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KoCurrency – Crypto Investment and Insights Platform

There are numerous perils that the cryptocurrency trader faces on a trade to trade basis. Many think it is the volatile nature of crypto that hurts these traders most. However, one must consider the possibility that the greater evil is misinformation, poor data, no data, and just plain bad advice. Not being poised to benefit from a rise or fall often is due to one of these issues. Not everyone …
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From Piranha to Great White Shark – Evolution in the Digital Marketplace

The marketplace is not unlike nature; both are filled with fierce competition, survival and extinction, tremendous diversity, changes to the environment, and seemingly infinite techniques to thrive.  Nowadays, we’re seeing species especially hard hit by climate change, like polar bears, or species threatened by changes in habitat, such as tigers and other large predatory mammals. And we’re seeing the marketplace equivalent with markets moving from brick and mortar to online, …
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