KoCurrency – Crypto Investment and Insights Platform

There are numerous perils that the cryptocurrency trader faces on a trade to trade basis. Many think it is the volatile nature of crypto that hurts these traders most. However, one must consider the possibility that the greater evil is misinformation, poor data, no data, and just plain bad advice. Not being poised to benefit from a rise or fall often is due to one of these issues. Not everyone is posting their trades along with any cryptocurrency price predictions‘ track records they have, which means many have to rely on the claims of others instead of cold hard data. This is where projects like KoCurrency come in.

How is KoCurrency different?

There are an incredible amount of ICOs and cryptocurrency projects going on right now, all promising paradigm shifting models. KoCurrency looked at the problems of misinformation and poor trading knowledge and decided to created a space where signals are separated from the noise of bad or mediocre trading.

They way they are going to make their main knowledge base is not only revolutionary, it is evolutionary. Instead of relying on claim based trading knowledge, KoCurrency will substantiate their model with proof. Users of the project’s platform would publish their trades and predictions that are then compared to the outcomes of those predictions as they played out in the market. This is a sort of evolutionary, or Darwinian, method of gathering information because correct predictions would be selected for in the platform and incorrect predictions would be selected against. It is much easier for a trader to mimic the trades of someone who has a track record of 85% trade prediction accuracy over the loudest Tweet on their Twitter, and more likely get it right.

In short, KoCurrency’s platform is designed to look for those traders who have a knack for predictions. That knowledge would then be shared with all of its other users to help other traders cut through the noise. KoCurrency is also dedicated to the education of its traders, so that it is not just everyone copying one person but rather, everyone learning to become better traders by understanding the logic for those trades.

New kid on the block

KoCurrency has a really interesting concept, and they are incredibly new. Its current platform users are essentially beta testers, and they are still taking on new beta testers. Feeding smaller amounts of data into the platform at first is how they are refining their code, and they do not want to flood it right away. In an evolutionary fashion typical of this project, they will use the data and feedback they receive to create better iterations of their platform as they go along.

Their Initial Token Injection and how to join

Currently, KoCurrency is in the process of injecting the first 5 million KoCoins -which is the native token for this system- into the platform. This is open to the public and interested parties can join up.

The project’s main webpage: https://www.kocurrency.com/

Join the project: https://www.kocurrency.com/join-the-project/

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