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Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are Partnering to Fight Online Terrorist Content

After the European Commission warned Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to “act faster” in tackling online hate speech, the technology companies decided to form an online alliance to combat terrorist content on their platforms, as well as hate speech.  The European Commission raised their concern over the companies’ inaction to adopt policies in order to control hate speech and terrorist content on their platforms. Six months ago, the technology companies decided to …
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Whatsapp Suspends Data Sharing With Facebook Over European Soil

After several European governments raised privacy concerns over Whatsapp’s new policy of user data sharing with Facebook, the company has decided to halt the transmissions until it feels all governmental concerns are addressed. Whatsapp, the mobile messaging giant, has informed the European authorities in charge of protecting citizen’s data privacy that the company hasn’t initiated any data sharing with Facebook of user’s information. On August 25th, after rolling out an update …
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European Commission Proposes the Creation of a Bitcoin User Database

The European Commission, a branch of the European Union, has proposed the creation of a centralized database of Bitcoin users, their identities, wallets and financial operations.  The directive seeks  to prevent the use of the cryptocurrency to finance terrorist movements and their operations. According to the proposal, financial intelligence units (FIUs) will have access to this centralized database. If the proposal gains enough traction members of the European Union will have to …
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