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Edward Snowden Is Concerned About Bitcoin’s Transparency

There are many reasons why so many people are showing an interest in Bitcoin these days. For the majority of holders, they simply hope to become rich without much effort in the months and years to come. Edward Snowden, on the other hand, is concerned about Bitcoin for many reasons. In particular, the currency’s lack of privacy is a big problem, in his opinion. That’s especially because there are other currencies doing …
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Andrew Huang and Edward Snowden Work On Privacy-Centric iPhone Hardware Solution

Edward Snowden is a hero to everyone who takes privacy even remotely serious. It is positive to see his involvement in the “Against the Law” project, designed to ensure iPhones remain spy-proof. A better and more stable future needs to be built for all of us, and privacy will play a critical role in the process. Edward Snowden and Against The Law Albeit the project name may have a negative …
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