Andrew Huang and Edward Snowden Work On Privacy-Centric iPhone Hardware Solution

Edward Snowden is a hero to everyone who takes privacy even remotely serious. It is positive to see his involvement in the “Against the Law” project, designed to ensure iPhones remain spy-proof. A better and more stable future needs to be built for all of us, and privacy will play a critical role in the process.

Edward Snowden and Against The Law

Albeit the project name may have a negative ring to it, rest assured the intentions are only positive. Making iPhones more resilient to surveillance is never a bad thing, albeit law enforcement agencies and government officials may disagree with that statement. In the end, this will come to life as an add-on hardware component.

It has to be said; Edward Snowden has been collaborating with Andrew Huang on this project. Their findings have been published in an article titled “Against the Law: Countering lawful abuses of Digital Surveillance”, and makes for an excellent read. This whitepaper contains a lot of intriguing details, and also goes to show what must be done to protect consumer privacy these days.

Over the past few years, it has become clear that privacy protection is an illusion for most people. Even though we may do our best to hide digital breadcrumbs throughout our online activity, it is not hard to trace somebody’s habits. Truth be told, the majority of consumers have become rather complacent when it comes to privacy.

Take the infamous airplane mode on a mobile device for example. Most people assume this cuts off the device from the rest of the world, but that is not the case. While it halts internet connectivity and provider signals, it can still be spied upon. With the addition of one small hardware tool, that may become a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, despite the involvement of Edward Snowden, this new hardware tool will not matter to everyone who owns an iPhone. That is only to be expected, as very few consumers will undertake action when it comes to protecting their privacy. Then again, these issues should matter to all of us.

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