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Password Reuse Exposes Dream Darknet Vendors to Law Enforcement

Not too long ago, we touched on the need for internet users to avoid bad passwords. People commonly reuse their passwords across many different platforms. This is a huge problem because it makes it easier for criminals to hack those individuals’ accounts. It now appears darknet users fall victim to the same issue, which recently allowed Dutch police officers to use Hansa market data to crack down on other vendors. Darknet Vendors Reuse …
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Alphabay and Hansa Seized, Dream Darknet Market Compromised

Today has been a big day for law enforcement as they announced the shutting down of two of the three largest darknet markets. The Department of Justice released a press release earlier today summarizing the facts of Mr Cazes’ arrest and how they found the identity of the administrator. According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “This is likely one of the most important criminal investigations of the year – taking …
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