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Synereo Unveils Sharded And Concurrent Blockchain RChain

Decentralized social network Synereo has announced the development of RChain, their blockchain-based technology stack. Not only will this technology provide scalable decentralized computation abilities, but it will also revolutionize the way the Internet works. An interesting idea, although it will only be deployed in Q4 of 2017 at the earliest. RChain Improves Upon Existing Blockchain Standards What RChain does is act as an additional layer on top of the standard …
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Akasha is a Censorship Resistant Blogging Network

Akasha Project was unveiled on may the 3rd, created by one of Ethereum’s cofounder Mihai Alisie the venture seeks to create a social network on top of Ethereum’s Blockchain, using a technological stack comprised of IPFS, Electron, React, and Node.js.  The goal is to have a censorship resistant Social Network that also prevents the loss of the user’s data. Mihai Alisie is the CEO and founder of the Askaha project, …
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What is Blockchain?

One of the most often asked questions people come across these days has nothing to do with Bitcoin directly. Instead, people ask themselves “What is blockchain? Not a blockchain, or THE blockchain, but the concept in general. As banks are trying to show the world, the concept of blockchain applies to traditional finance, although there are other use cases out there. But what is blockchain? Also read: Bitcoin Ransomware Education …
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