Akasha is a Censorship Resistant Blogging Network

Akasha Project was unveiled on may the 3rd, created by one of Ethereum’s cofounder Mihai Alisie the venture seeks to create a social network on top of Ethereum’s Blockchain, using a technological stack comprised of IPFS, Electron, React, and Node.js.  The goal is to have a censorship resistant Social Network that also prevents the loss of the user’s data.

Mihai Alisie is the CEO and founder of the Askaha project, he began working with Blockchain Technologies since 2011, he created Bitcoin Magazine alongside with Vitalik Buterin, they later joined forces to build what many think is the most advance Blockchain protocol, Ethereum. He left the Ethereum’s foundation in 2015, then he began working on Akasha, a next-generation social media network powered by The Ethereum World Computer and the Inter-Planetary File System. 

The announcement was made on May the 3rd when the World Press Freedom Day is celebrated. This, of course, is not a coincidence, Akasha aims to build a censorship resistant network which also features a file system that prevents the loss of the published content, in other words, the data shared by the users will permanently reside in the nodes across IPFS network.

In the announcement blog post, Akasha creator explains the motivation behind its idea:

We are about to create the missing puzzle piece that will enable us to tackle two of the most important challenges we face today as a modern information-based society: freedom of expression and creative perpetuity.

Alisie also considers that nowadays censorship is at an all time high. Centralization makes the censorship problem worse by having single-points of failure.

Thanks to Inter-Planetary File System technology the user’s content and data is split into pieces and it’s securely distributed among nodes in the IPFS network. The project also features several technologies like Electron, React with Redux and Node.js.

More than a social media platform, we’re basically building the social fabric for the nascent etherweb.

Akasha will focus on the development of a blogging platform, with other features to come in the future. The project want’s to be an important gear in the Web 3 vision. With Ethereum, Akasha removes the need of centralized server infrastructure, that means that they don’t control your information, and with IPFS, the user’s data is distributed in a series of secure nodes.

The project is begining its Alpha stage, users and developers are encouraged to participate, the team will be sending out invites to test the software in the following weeks, the supported platforms are Linux, MacOS and Windows.

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