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DCORP and Derivatives

One of the most attractive things about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies -apart from the trading values of these- is the technology that enables these assets themselves: the Blockchain. Thus far, the Blockchain has not ventured too far outside of the realm of cryptocurrency but has incredible potential for a plethora of tasks. This also means that apart from a Forex type trading market, digital assets like this do not …
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DCORP is Democratization of Venture Capitalism

There are a lot of hot ICOs -initial coin offers- gearing up as the summer kicks into full gear. Some of them seem more promising than others, and this is usually dependant upon the innovative nature -or lack thereof- of the projects themselves. One called DCORP offers something rather interesting when it comes to the ocean of ICOs going on right now. Democracy in the Blockchain I have -and many …
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DCORP – Democratizing Venture Capital, Unlock the Potential of the Blockchain

A new blockchain initiative by a team of Dutch entrepreneurs aims to decentralize and democratize venture capital. Featuring the world’s first decentralized derivatives exchange, providing investors and speculators the financial tools they trust. Options and futures redefined for the blockchain using revolutionary decentralized leverage solutions. “We will build an ocean of value, drop by drop. There is so much potential still to be unlocked in the ‘internet of value’, and …
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