DCORP and Derivatives

One of the most attractive things about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies -apart from the trading values of these- is the technology that enables these assets themselves: the Blockchain.

Thus far, the Blockchain has not ventured too far outside of the realm of cryptocurrency but has incredible potential for a plethora of tasks. This also means that apart from a Forex type trading market, digital assets like this do not have enjoy some of the same trade options like traditional investments. Derivatives trading is a popular part of traditional markets, and DCORP is looking to bring that to the digital assets.

What a derivative is and why crypto needs it

Derivatives are options in an asset that allows a trader to do more than just buy, sell, or hold that asset. With these, two or more parties sign on to a contract on an agreed upon underlying. Derivatives, decentralized futures, and options trading are things that could massively benefit cryptocurrencies.

DCORP is aiming to bring many new investors into cryptocurrency by providing such options for trading and investment. Since many traders traders do not know about cryptocurrency, or what they know puts them off it, providing better speculative options beyond buy and hold could open a door to a torrent of new investors. Better and wider knowledge of cryptocurrencies is good for all crypto investors and users.

The Blockchain too would benefit these kinds of trades. Currently in traditional markets, there are onerous processes and the reliance on third parties -such as clearinghouses- to facilitate the trades and transactions. These add time to the trading process, which can costs investors money. The fees racked up by these third parties as well can be rather high and take money away from the investors.

With the blockchain, these kinds of trades would be near instantaneous, trustless, and fair. Since the only third party for “clearing” is decentralized and backed up with math, there is no downtime and no need to identify or log in. It means a trader could virtually never stop trading if they did not want to. This is DCORP’s current project, and it is a rather interesting one.

DCORP’s vision for the future

DCORP currently has a crowdsale of their token DRP, meaning that people can buy in and literally own part of this exchange where they will bring derivatives and options into cryptocurrency trading. Once this is well under way, they hope to potentially bring the blockchain to traditional investments as well. Here they would have traditional assets -such as stocks, commodities, fiat currenies, etc- all represented as tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This way all the of benefits of the Blockchain can be extended to assets that do not have such an elegant way of managing and validating transactions. Check out their current promotional video and their upcoming one -that they are working currently- for those of you who prefer video and audio to text for learning and research.

More information on DCORP: https://www.dcorp.it/

Disclaimer:This is a sponsored article and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of The Merkle. This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your own independent research before investing anything.