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DATx to Create Value Driven Advertising Ecosystem for the Data Driven Future

The role of data in business and consumer interactions has become a valuable and almost vital component of many of the services people operate day to day. From the customization¬†of payment and insurance plans, to the specific targeting of ads and features based on customer data. Understanding consumer behavior¬†has never been more important. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Data Is The New Oil The pitfall of this large data …
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Cosima Foundation collaborates with Avazu to Introduce the DATx Digital Ad Blockchain

A new decentralized advertising ecosystem centered around user participation will soon help advertisers target their users with unrivaled accuracy and a breakthrough 1 million transactions per second (TPS) capacity, via the new DATx blockchain. Initiated by the Cosima Foundation, in collaboration with leading global advertising platform Avazu, this new blockchain-powered ecosystem aims to do away with the current fragmentation and clutter of user behavioral data. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored …
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Advertising with the Blockchain: DATx Finishes First Token Generation Event

Advertisement using Blockchain and decentralization is not a novel concept anymore. Among the recent projects that have come from the blockchain space, advertisement is one of the most progressive sectors, adopting different models and engaging in innovative approaches. The advertising space is huge and has great potential but is looking towards Blockchain and decentralization to solve some of its most basic problems like user identity. So, the future is big …
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