Advertising with the Blockchain: DATx Finishes First Token Generation Event

Advertisement using Blockchain and decentralization is not a novel concept anymore. Among the recent projects that have come from the blockchain space, advertisement is one of the most progressive sectors, adopting different models and engaging in innovative approaches. The advertising space is huge and has great potential but is looking towards Blockchain and decentralization to solve some of its most basic problems like user identity. So, the future is big for Blockchain-based advertising platforms.

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DATx, a new advertisement ecosystem has recently concluded its first token generation event with over 50,000 ETH raised during the process – a figure totalling over $45 million. In the time when only the best token platforms are successful, this token sale is a huge achievement and underlines the trust in the new advertisement ecosystem. The project is an initiative of the Cosima foundation in collaboration with Avazu, a global advertising platform with wide outreach.

The DATx Effect

DATx is not just a platform with promised potential and it is not just banking on the future. The strength of the platform can be seen right now with DATx being the world’s first Blockchain-based platform to amass more than 100 million daily active users (DAUs) in its advertisement ecosystem. The platform was developed to help advertisers cut through all the unnecessary barriers in advertising and appeal directly to users and deliver meaningful, relatable advertisements which generate true value.

DATx uses Blockchain technology to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data solutions to provide an accurate record of the end user’s likes, dislikes and other general behaviour. This cutting edge approach allows the advertiser to target an exact audience directly and help refine their advertisements based on results from existing campaigns.

Backing DATx

DATx is being backed by some of the biggest names in the blockchain space including QTUM Foundation, VisionPlus Capital, AlphaCoin and other groups. DATx has employed a core team with over 80 dedicated working personnel including engineers, data scientists and UEX experts with additional expertise and help from Avazu, the advertisement partner from mainstream centralized world. Other institutional investors are always welcome by the DATx community for collaboration through its Telegram.

DATx Inaugural Token Generation Event

Over 1.25 billion DATx were up for grabs in the first round of the token generation event and over 1.335 billion have been claimed already during the entire process. The pre-token distribution has been accomplished successfully and the next stage will be announced by the DATx team shortly.

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