Cosima Foundation collaborates with Avazu to Introduce the DATx Digital Ad Blockchain

A new decentralized advertising ecosystem centered around user participation will soon help advertisers target their users with unrivaled accuracy and a breakthrough 1 million transactions per second (TPS) capacity, via the new DATx blockchain. Initiated by the Cosima Foundation, in collaboration with leading global advertising platform Avazu, this new blockchain-powered ecosystem aims to do away with the current fragmentation and clutter of user behavioral data.

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With a full blockchain infrastructure including smart contracts, an incentivized mechanism, token exchange and behavior information storage system, DATx will help advertisers target users accurately, resulting in more relevant, meaningful advertising being delivered.

How it works

Combining blockchain technology with recognized methods of big data and artificial intelligence, DATx focuses on the digital advertising industry, moving away from the generic methodology that relies on a “one size fits all” approach.

DATx results in a comprehensive and transparent detailing of user behavioral patterns, such as time-stamping the moment of advertising delivery, viewing durations and the rate of purchase conversion. Via this multi-stakeholder recording of end-to-end user behavior data, advertisers will be better informed, able to make educated decisions on refining audience targeting, with precision delivery of ads only to relevant users.

Under DATx’s hood

Based on a fully decentralized protocol, DATx will be a high-capacity blockchain capable of performing 1 million transactions every second, with a robust data storage method and advanced consensus mechanism all under development. This is in recognition of the current speed requirements of the advertising industry that far outstrips the current quickest blockchain which only handles up to tens of thousands of transactions.

As the first DATx-compatible advertising platform, Avazu will leverage DATx’s superior capabilities to fully customize native advertising and acquire new customers, adding to its already significant user base of over 100 million active users daily on a platform already able to process a million requests each second.

Users will be incentivized to participate in the DATx ecosystem by providing feedback, rewarding user attention via opt in and closed loop feedback mechanisms. This feedback will assist advertising platforms with enhancing their targeting algorithms, to result in more relevant ad content, while fostering dynamic engagement between users, publishers and advertisers.

DATx and the DATx token

DATx envisions a future unified protocol encompassing a global advertising ecosystem, with centralized and decentralized hybrid data storage for better user privacy and security, transparent machine learning algorithms for higher market place efficiency, and a decentralized audit trail and payment system via the native DATx token.

Initially, DATx will present itself as a user-oriented behavior storage hub for advertising requirements but aims to develop itself as a content recommendation protocol within a year, eventually evolving into a full feature digital advertising ecosystem placing emphasis on enhanced value creation.

Led by some of the industry’s best talents in engineering, architecture, product management and UEX, DATx is now holding a crowdfunding event with the DATx token sale now open to institutional investors. Its pre-token distribution was already accomplished, with that being over 1,000 times over-subscribed.

For more information on DATx and the token sale, visit the website or read the whitepaper. To chat with the team, connect on Telegram or follow them on Twitter.