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The Big Data Challenge and the Concept of DataBlockChain.io

Big data like all things good and wonderful, comes with a lot of benefits for your organization and not too surprisingly, a level of frustrating and incredibly overwhelming challenges. The first challenge is finding the right data provider for you. The number of available big data providers often make it difficult for companies looking to adopt Big data. Brian Kolman, President of KolMedia said “I work with businesses of all …
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DataBlockChain LTD to Receive 3 Billion Data Records in Partnership With Media Direct, Inc.

DataBlockChain LTD has announced a new partnership with company Media Direct, Inc., one of the top compiler and supplier of data for marketing and analytical purposes. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article This announcement has been made a couple weeks before the May 24th token sale, further boosting prospects. TGE Details The sale will see 522 million tokens being sold, 60% of the maximum 870 million. 100 million of the …
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