DataBlockChain LTD to Receive 3 Billion Data Records in Partnership With Media Direct, Inc.

DataBlockChain LTD has announced a new partnership with company Media Direct, Inc., one of the top compiler and supplier of data for marketing and analytical purposes.

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This announcement has been made a couple weeks before the May 24th token sale, further boosting prospects.

TGE Details

The sale will see 522 million tokens being sold, 60% of the maximum 870 million. 100 million of the tokens will be allocated for a private sale.

Tokens will be sold in the presale at a rate of $0.08 per token, which can be paid for in Ethereum. There is a minimum purchase of 1 ETH. The public sale lowers the minimum purchase to .1 ETH, but the token price is set at $0.12.

Adam Mittelberg, Chief Marketing Officer of said:

“This is the first of many strategic partnerships we hope to announce in the coming
months. Our alliance with Media Direct accelerates our Data Acquisition efforts
even beyond our original lofty goals. I am confident we will not only be the
most efficient and economical source for marketers in the coming months but one
of the largest as well. Today we officially took a big step in that direction.”

The advertising market reached nearly $600 billion last year, with a third of that dedicated to digital advertising. The need for accurate data continues to grow, and DataBlockChain allows clients to access it more economically and transparently than ever before.

Partnership details  

In this partnership, Media Direct and its subsidiaries will contribute over 3 billion records to DataBlockChain’s marketplace. The records include data from cars, businesses, consumers, and property name a few.

The data platform is also very close to releasing their MVP, according to Jesse Brown, CTO. DataBlockChain has not only an advantage in competing with similar startups in the cryptocurrency sphere but also has a leg up over existing markets due to the massive and diverse data set they will be able to hit the ground running with.

Big Data

Increasingly more data is being created, so much so that a new category has been dedicated to this large influx,  dubbed “Big Data”. Big Data is a term for large sets of data, which a business can then analyze. Big Data can glean trends, patterns, and give insight into better decisions in business operations. Another place where Big Data is valuable is in consumer data, where Big Data can be analyzed to make better marketing decisions, for example.

DataBlockChain aims to democratize Big Data through its first of its kind platform that utilizes AI and blockchain technology, in order to provide a variety of data suppliers. This will allow buyers an easy way to acquire the best information available, directly, without layers of middleman and inefficiency like in the current data ecosystem.

To learn more about DataBlockChain, visit their website. From the website, users can read their whitepaper, as well as begin the process for whitelist registration, which is necessary in order to participate in the TGE. Users can chat with the team and community members on Telegram and Bitcointalk. DataBlockChain also has a Twitter for social media and announcements, with updates to the project made on their Medium.