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TheShadowBrokers Announce New Plan To Sell NSA Data Dump In Exchange For Bitcoin

Not too long ago TheShadowBrokers shocked the world by announcing that they had obtained data and hacking tools belonging to the NSA. To gain even more attention, the hacker collective decided to auction off these tools in exchange for a significant amount of Bitcoin. Due to a lack of interest, that auction never got off the ground. But the team is not done just yet, as they devised a new …
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Nulled.io Data Dump Contains Information on Stolen Bitcoins

Platforms facilitating illegal activity on the Internet, such as selling stolen passwords and exchanging stolen bitcoins, are a plague. That being said, Karma has a way of working out in the end, as Nulled.io, a hacker forum, was compromised and the data has been made available on a data breach sharing site.   Data Dump Puts Nulled.io Users At Risk In a rather surprising turn of events, the data collected …
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