TheShadowBrokers Announce New Plan To Sell NSA Data Dump In Exchange For Bitcoin

Not too long ago TheShadowBrokers shocked the world by announcing that they had obtained data and hacking tools belonging to the NSA. To gain even more attention, the hacker collective decided to auction off these tools in exchange for a significant amount of Bitcoin. Due to a lack of interest, that auction never got off the ground. But the team is not done just yet, as they devised a new plan.

What Are TheShadowBrokers Up To These Days?

Ever since TheShadowBrokers announced their Bitcoin auction for NSA data, things have been quiet around this collective. In fact, hardly anyone has heard anything from them in recent weeks, indicating that their Bitcoin auction was not seeing the success the group had hoped for. This is not entirely surprising, as there is zero evidence of them ever having had any credible information to begin with.

But the group is not keeping quiet either, as they released a new statement on Medium a few days ago. The Bitcoin auction has officially been canceled, which is not entirely surprising. No one won the grand prize either, so the question becomes what will happen to the data dump the collective has allegedly obtained by hacking the NSA.

TheShadowBrokers have revealed their intention to publicly post the password to this data dump once they receive 10,000 Bitcoin. The address for these transactions is still the same as it has been during the auction. Whether or not someone will take them up on this offer remains to be seen, though.

But that was not the only purpose of their new blog post. TheShadowBrokers have shared a private conversation between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. Although this meeting had not been planned, the former president met up with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch at their Phoenix airport in June of 2016.

The timing of that meeting could not have been worse, though. At that time, the Justice Department was almost done with their examination of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for email communication during her stint as secretary of state. Although both parties insisted that this conversation was innocent, the general public’s opinion is very different.

Unfortunately, the conversation posted by TheShadowBrokers seems to be a joke and presents no credible evidence whatsoever. What is even stranger is how releasing this “conversation” only seems to diminish the group’s credibility regarding the NSA hack.

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