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What Is Dataeum Cryptocurrency?

Ethereum technology can be used for many different purposes. Rather than develop multiple new cryptocurrencies, Dataeum aims to revolutionize the data generation industry. Putting humans at the center of a data-driven ecosystem is the top priority of this specific project. The Vision of Dataeum Finding new use cases for blockchain technology is not as easy as people may think. In the data ecosystem, there is a growing need for secure and immutable solutions, …
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Replacing Passwords With Google Collecting Data On Users Is Not The Answer

The topic of replacing passwords with more secure solutions will continue for the foreseeable future, and new ideas are being proposed around the clock. If Google would collect even more information on its users, would they be able to create a strong and unique authentication protocol than can’t be abused? Sounds scary at first,but it’s worth giving some thought at least. Google Data Collection is An Easy Solution Consumers want …
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Chinese Government Wants Stricter Regulation of P2P Lending

Financial news coming from China is always a mixed bag of good and bad news these days.The local government wants to limit peer-to-peer lending, which will undoubtedly have an impact on Bitcoin as well. China Cracks Down on P2P Finance It is not the first time the People’s Bank of China wants to tighten regulation of the financial sector, particularly when Bitcoin and peer-to-peer lending is concerned. Although the bank …
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