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Top 4 Worst People in Cryptocurrency History

Ever wonder where the ill feelings people have toward bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies come from? Besides it being new, bitcoin seemed to develop a well-known reputation for being associated with scams and money loss, seeing as there always someone being scammed out of their coins all the time. Once in a while though, it happens on a much grander scale. Here’s the Top 4 Worst People in Cryptocurrency History. 1. …
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Judge Rules Bitcoin is Money in Coin.mx cases

A U.S. District Court judge ruled Monday that: “Wealth exchanged on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network constitutes “funds” for the purpose of federal criminal law.” What this means for Anthony Murgio is that he can be tried on charges that he was in violation of federal law by operating his unlicensed monetary transit business. In a wider scope, it could mean a normal financial regulation for bitcoin, which would result in …
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The Jaxx Wallet Now Includes Support for Dash

Although the news has been public knowledge for some time now, the Jaxx mobile wallet will integrate Dash. In doing so, the company added a fourth cryptocurrency to their platform. Dash has been doing extremely well as of late and has seen a positive price response at the same time. Support for this fourth cryptocurrency will be available across nine different platforms. Jaxx Users Can Now Use Dash On Their …
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