The Jaxx Wallet Now Includes Support for Dash

Although the news has been public knowledge for some time now, the Jaxx mobile wallet will integrate Dash. In doing so, the company added a fourth cryptocurrency to their platform. Dash has been doing extremely well as of late and has seen a positive price response at the same time. Support for this fourth cryptocurrency will be available across nine different platforms.

Jaxx Users Can Now Use Dash On Their Favourite Device

Ever since the Jaxx wallet has been released, it became evident the team is not looking to support just about every coin or token in existence. Bitcoin and Ethereum supported were enabled from day one, and support for The DAO token came at a later stage. Now that Dash has been integrated, Jaxx supports an anonymity-centric cryptocurrency for the first time.

Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio told the media:

“A month ago, we asked our community what cryptocurrency they wanted integrated next and the clear winner was Dash. We received an overwhelming amount of responses, so we joined with their development team to effect the integration. This has been an exciting project for both organizations.

What makes the Jaxx wallet offering so appealing is its sheer convenience. Moreover, the solution is available across nine different platforms, including Android and iOS. Thanks to a collaboration with the Dash developers, integrating this fourth cryptocurrency was a very straightforward process.

Dash users will benefit from this integration as they can store different popular cryptocurrencies in the same wallet. Moreover, they can exchange between Dash and the other supported currencies within the app itself. This also removes the need to store funds on an exchange, which is always a good thing.

The updated Jaxx wallet with Dash support can be downloaded right now. The solution is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. There is also a browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The addition of the world’s 7th most valuable cryptocurrency is a significant decision that will benefit all parties involved.

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