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Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are Partnering to Fight Online Terrorist Content

After the European Commission warned Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to “act faster” in tackling online hate speech, the technology companies decided to form an online alliance to combat terrorist content on their platforms, as well as hate speech.  The European Commission raised their concern over the companies’ inaction to adopt policies in order to control hate speech and terrorist content on their platforms. Six months ago, the technology companies decided to …
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bitFlyer Charges Huge Commission Fee To Foreigners Buying Bitcoin

Although Japan seems to be warming up to cryptocurrency, it can be quite expensive to purchase Bitcoin. Over in China, people are almost getting used to paying a small premium price on top of the market value. But when people in Japan pay a fee of over 7.4% in commission, things look far less appealing all of a sudden. Buying Bitcoin In Japan is Not Necessarily Cheap People living in …
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BitIt Introduces Referral And Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin exchanges have to keep expanding their services to attract more customers. Bitit recently added an affiliate program and a referral program to their services, which will help the company grow their customer base around the world. Two New Bitit Services Have Arrived Although most people would assume an affiliate program and a referral program are the same, that is not the case. Bitit, the company, known for letting users …
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